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Education Management Group

Reaching out to global,
THE UNI PREP will enhance your possibilities.
Our Programs
  • Education Management Group
  • Programs for not only the “A” students but also for the “F” students, making possible from impossible
  • Specialized studio for art school students
  • From planning portfolio to applying, total Art Studio
  • Professional study abroad consultation for early age students
  • With specific desires, DREAM CODE helps you to achieve your dream
  • Find your college, apply, and become a student
  • Easy access to information about colleges of your desire

Discover Your Opportunities

Over the past ten years, THE UNI PREP EDUCATION GROUP has strived in reaching university’s international recruitment goals.


Extending the university’s global reach and impact, helping more international students to fulfill their potential as global citizens and future leaders.

Partner Universities

We successfully established partnerships with world renowned universities in New York and other states throughout the United States.

Our Approach

THE UNIPREP specifically design each and every partnership in accordance with school’s unique programs and offerings.

Discover Opportunities

If you and your school would like to discover what THE UNIPREP EDUCATION GROUP partnership could mean for your university.