Our Approach

We specifically design each and every partnership in accordance with school’s unique programs and offerings. Our team works closely with university representatives to bring out the most potentials, concentrating on university’s motto.


Careful analysis of what university is looking for and what THE UNI PREP can bring to university.

Visiting Partner

THE UNI PREP team visits university to discover more about the school, understanding what university offers to students.


Designing unique programs and offerings for each partner university.


Collaborating with university team, THE UNI PREP makes detailed planning that will enhance university's potentials.


THE UNI PREP and university partnership will develop not only in numbers but also further improving university itself.

THE UNI PREP will enhance your possibilities.

Enhancing international student recruitment

Reaching out to global student markets, constantly improving programs and offerings, we can enhance international student recruitment together.

Solely focusing on teaching and learning, THE UNI PREP EDUCATION GROUP works for students as well as univerities themselves.